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infrastructure has become a important factor in my project. How to re-establish a system that works on a sustainable level and at the same time keeps the authenticity of the village intact.

i have looked at different ways of solving this issue. and have landed on the hub-system.  first of all, this is clearly strengthening the idea of the mosques as central hubs in the village. secondly it allows for slow development of the village, giving room to adapt and integrate.

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with the new residential area in the 70`s, the public arena was turned outwards towards the new coastal road.  the social interaction was then on the outer boundaries of the residential area.

my proposal to extend this line into the old village, will create a new public arena right in the core of the village. social interaction becomes the spine of al jazerrah al hamra.

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this pdf is just a simplification, showing some of my ideas.  two of my main focuses:

the mosques as social hubs & the extension of the public arena, into the village.

analyzing al jazeerah al hamra – introducing some ideas

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