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this is to give an idea of how the hub will function, in a social matter. the focus is on the private meeting the public.

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solar shading

once i have figured out the system, it`s function and amount, the real issue is now to adapt it to the existing situation. to make use of the solar pv system as shading is to give meaning to the system.  it could have easily been put on top of the roof, but the importance of making the system visible needs to be emphazised and gives the technical system a important function in the public space.

this solution is a structure of cables stretched between four columns and has solar pv panles of varied sizes lying on top of them. this will give the important shading, but also letting in light and giving the rather rigid system a more organic aspect.

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adding to the system

I have for some days been exploring the use of desalination plants. United arab emirates has some of the world biggest plants for transforming saltwater into fresh water.

UAE is the country in the world with the least amount of fresh water pr capita, and the country in the world with the highest use of water pr capita. This is a problem. A desalination plant uses a huge amount of power to transform seawater into fresh water.

I have been looking at small scale solar stills. They transform seawater into fresh water by condensation. This system require little power, and is first and foremost run on solar heating. Connected to the greenhouse roof, this can also function as shading for the plants, making the greenhouse cooler but as efficient.  I have also done some calculations in regards to need.

One hub is connected to appr. 20 units.

In relations to the village, and it`s history this is a perfect adaptation to how they retrieved their water 60 years ago. Back then, there was underground water and wells. So, gatering fresh water on site is keeping it authentic, and autonomous.

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working in model

i have been working in a 1:100 scaled model for some weeks now, trying out different ways of connecting the system with the social hub.  this hub has been chosen because of it`s position in the village. this is a area where workers are starting to move in, and it has a diversity of buildings and history.

my aim is to solve this one hub, so that my system can easily adapt to the other 11 hubs, when necessary.

based on the input of the systems I want to re-generate the social living-conditions in this area. With fresh water, a greenhouse that provide food, electricity that provide shading & shelter and blackwater-cells that provide greeneries i hope to establish a foundation for people to start living here again.

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infrastructure has become a important factor in my project. How to re-establish a system that works on a sustainable level and at the same time keeps the authenticity of the village intact.

i have looked at different ways of solving this issue. and have landed on the hub-system.  first of all, this is clearly strengthening the idea of the mosques as central hubs in the village. secondly it allows for slow development of the village, giving room to adapt and integrate.

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